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Beautiful Blogger Award
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Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Outer Limits

I'm having trouble finding any other words apart from "weird" and "bizarre" to describe this weekend and the events leading up to it. No; aliens haven't landed in our street, nor has Robbie Williams come to his senses and dumped that pretty girl in favour of running away with me (the day will come Ayda; be warned). Something even more surreal has happened at Hayes' House. Jamie Lee met her half sister for the first time this weekend.

Up until recently, I hadn't seen my ex husband, Dan, in almost ten years. We have heard news of each other at times via friends and relatives but very little actual contact. Then we moved back to our home town three years ago. It was inevitable then that he and Jamie would meet given that Dan often visits family here.

Sure enough, when we told Jamie that Dan would likely be in town from time to time, it wasn't long before she asked if she could meet him, and there it was; the moment I have known would come since before she was born.

Dan came to see us to discuss how we would all handle it. It was very weird (that word again) sitting in our living room, reminiscing with both my current and former husband; those two have known each other a lifetime. Dan met Jamie that weekend and despite the weirdness it went very well.

Normally issues with extended families and step-kids are ironed out at the beginning of a relationship, not ten years in. Now there's this whole other family that we have a connection with. In some ways it was the most natural thing in the world to see the kids playing together this weekend. They seem to take everything in their stride, thank god!

There is a similarity between Jamie and her sister that I can't quite put my finger on. It's strange chatting to Maisie because she's a part of my little girl. She's cute and smart and the two of them are getting on brilliantly so far. The kids all seem a little confused as to who's related to who, but I guess that's to be expected and will come with time. Considering the past has kind of snuck up and bitten us on the ass; I think we're all doing a great job of being very grown up about the situation, even though my head keeps whispering; "weird! weird! weird!"

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