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Beautiful Blogger Award
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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Resuscitating The Brain

I have been attending college, me! The woman who never leaves the house or speaks to anyone. When I say college; it's a branch of the local college which runs basic adult numeracy and literacy courses. I didn't sit my GCSEs at school, for reasons I won't bore you with (the main one being stupidity), but I'm not completely illiterate, so I thought that I could handle a course now that the kids are older.

However my enquiries regarding an English GCSE course lead to an abrupt halt in my voyage towards further education, because in order to enrol on this particular GCSE course you need to have, of all things, a GCSE. "Grade C or above" the woman clarified over the phone. Oh well that's alright then!

So I have been attending the adult learning centre answering questions about prefixes and suffixes etc, and on Monday I sat my exam. I realise that one measly grade C GSCE is not worth getting excited about, but if I pass this it will be the first certificate I've earned since cycling proficiency in primary school. This is the first step in dragging my reluctant brain back into education. The next step is a course at the real actual college, where real students go, for a real qualification... and I'm terrified!


  1. Well done.
    It's not easy going back into an educational setting, and it's definitely not easy to gain a qualification, let alone one in English, with our rules for this, that and the other.
    I admire you and you should be shouting from the rooftops.

  2. ps I never managed to ride a bike.

  3. brilliant claire - im sure you will do it easily. proud of you chick :-)

  4. Thanks Sue, I am pleased realy, just feeling a bit daunted. Maybe they'll finally be able to sort my awful grammar out! lol.