Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award
Thanks to l'Aussie for my Beautiful Blogger award

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

As a newbie blogger I'm very honoured to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award, given to me by L'Aussie. It's given by fellow bloggers and as a recipient my duty is to pass it on to 15 other bloggers.

As I'm a newbie and so many already have received the award, this could take some time to do, but I'll keep updating the following list. If you appear on my list and have been awarded the beautiful Blogger award, please spread the joy and pass it on to 15 other blogs you love in the same way I have here.

Apologies if any of you have already received the award, feel free to pass it on to somebody else.

1. You've Got Your Hands Full
2. Magical Meditations for Kids
3. Heather Bestel
4. Hyperbole and a Half
5. Words with Jam

Thank you so much to L'Aussie for my award, I'm highly chuffed!

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