Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award
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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wine Sniffers

I love wine. This is not a cultured appreciation of hints of oak or fruity flavours. I don't care if my wine goes with my chicken or fish dish. I like Ernest & Julio Gallo's White Grenache from the Californian Sierra Valley. The only reason I can remember that mouthful is because it's what I've drank for the last ten years and I'm used to putting my hand up when someone asks "Anybody want anything from the shop?"

Do I have to know the significance of "good legs" or know the origin of the cork to appreciate my wine? Er, no. Should I feel the need to sniff it every time I pour a glass? All I know about corks is that Sam likes to collect them and make little people with them. Worryingly, he has enough of them to populate a small country.

The only way in which I wish I was more wine savvy is that I should have bought shares in the Gallo family business years ago. I could have bought my own damn vineyard for the money I've parted with in honour of their fine wine.

All that remains for me to know about wine is that there is plenty of it to go around!

Click here for a free download of Gallo's Rose wine summer cocktail recipes.

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