Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award
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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Top 20 Hayes House phrases

1. What's going on in here?
2. Where is your other sock / shoe / glove?
3. Stop running through the kitchen!
4. Where is your brother?
6. Why have you drawn on the wall / your face / your sister?
7. Please use the toilet.
8. Get down from there!
9. What have you got in your mouth?
10. QUIT IT!
11. Get off your brother / the worktop / the garage roof.
12. What do you mean he's in the ditch?
13. How many times have I asked you to stay out of your sister's room?
14. IN or OUT, one or the other...
15. Is your room tidy?
16. That's it, I'm leaving home.
17. You can go when you've eaten some salad / vegetables / anything green
18. No skating in the house!
19. Is it bedtime yet?
20. 3 bottles of wine please...